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Low-Grow Mix


Airport Pro (25kg)

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Butterfly and Bee Mix


This is a 100% Wildflower Mix. The wildflowers included are agrimony, borage, wild clary, red clover, white clover, corn cockle, cornflower, oxeye daisy, foxglove, goats beard, common knapweed, greater knapweed, purple loosestrife, wild marjoram, meadow cranesbill, musk mallow, common poppy, ragged robin, sainfoin, field scabious, teasel, birdsfoot trefoil, kidney vetch, viper’s bugloss and yarrow.

Agrimony – Yellow – Height 180cm
Borage – Blue – Height 30-50cm
Wild Clary – Purple – Height 80cm
Red Clover – Red – Height 80cm
White Clover – White – Height 10-30cm
Corn Cockle – Purple – Height 30-120cm
Cornflower – Blue – Height 20cm-100cm
Oxeye Daisy – White – Height 20-80cm
Foxglove – Purple – Height 30-120cm
Goatsbeard – Yellow – Height 30-70cm
Common Knapweed – Pink – Height 30-80cm
Greater Knapweed – Pink – Height 50-90cm
Purple Loosestrife – Purple – Height 60-120cm
Wild Marjoram – Purple – Height 20-50cm

Meadow Cranesbill – Blue – Height 30-70cm
Musk Mallow – Pink – Height 30-75cm
Common Poppy – Red – Height 20-60cm
Ragged Robin – Pink – 30-50cm
Sainfoin – Red – Height up to 90cm
Field Scabious – Pink/Purple – Height 75-100cm
Small Scabious – Purple – Height – 40cm
Teasel – Purple – Height up to 200cm
Birdsfoot Trefoil – Yellow – Height 10-40cm
Kidney Vetch – Yellow – Height 15-40cm
Vipers Bugloss – Blue – Height 80cm
Yarrow – White – Height 8-40cm

sowing rate: 1-2g per m2

Recommended sowing times: March-May, August-October

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