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Welsh Wildflower Seed Christmas Hamper


‘Autumn’ Sowing Wildflower Seed Box Collection (3)

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‘Spring’ Wildflower Seed Box Collection

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A trio of Welsh wildflower seeds including our Superbloom mix, Peri-Winkle mix & Sunrise mix perfect for spring sowing!!

Our SUPERBLOOM mix was crated on the back of the celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen at the Tower of London, where a spectacular, colourful, vibrant field of flowers had filled and transformed the Tower’s moat.

Designed to attract pollinators, ‘Superbloom’ brought a spectacular natural beauty to the urban space and introduced a new biodiverse habitat for wildlife. It celebrated the value of nature for our wellbeing so we wanted to create that at home for you to enjoy too!

So we created our very own ‘SUPERBLOOM’ rainbow 100% wildflower mix.

The queens ‘superbloom’ mix was a top secret but we saw a rainbow of wildflowers, so we have included some of our most popular welsh native wildflowers such as cornflowers, musk mallow, Californian poppy, ox- eye daisy, corn cockle, red campion, white campion, self heal, wild carrot, corn marigold and much, much more…

Contains a great balance of annual & perennial wildflowers!!

sow at 1-2g per sqm

Peri-winkle mix is a mix of Blue & Purple 100% wildflower seeds.

The mix was created to bring bright but calm and beautiful wildflowers to your garden/greenspace. Peri Winkle is an actual colour between Blue & Violet that is believed to soothe, motivate & inspire.

The wildflowers included are:-

Cornflowers Mixed, Love in a Mist, Forget me Not, Knapweed, Scabious, Vipers Bugloss, Purple Loosestrife.

Our Sunrise mix was created to bring bright, bold and beautiful wildflowers to your garden/greenspace with the intention to look like the sunrise with colours of yellow, gold and orange.

The wildflowers included are:-

Marigolds, Californian Poppies, Lady’s Bedstraw, Tickseeds & Corn Chamomile.

Sent in a letterbox friendly gift box.

We have tried to be as environmentally friendly as possible so all our eco-friendly packaging is sourced from sustainable materials that can either be recycled or composted.

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