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Welsh Coast Mix


Hedgerow and Shade Mix

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Wetland Pond Edge Mix


This mix contains 80% Low Maintenance Grasses for Wet Soils and a 20% Flora Blend. The wildflowers included are marsh marigold, meadowsweet, betony, birdsfoot trefoil, gypsywort, purple loosestrife, primrose, common fleabane, ragged robin, common mouse’s ear, knapweed, pendulous sedge, ribwort plantain, wild carrot, yarrow, oxeye daisy, self heal and meadow buttercup. The grasses included are crested dogstail, sweet vernal, chewing’s fescue, slender red fescue, meadow foxtail, tufted hairgrass and yellow oatgrass.


Marsh Marigold – Yellow – Height 10cm
Meadowsweet – White – Height 10-50cm
Betony – Purple – Height 60cm
Birdsfoot Trefoil – Yellow – 10-40cm
Gypsywort – White – Height 100cm
Purple Loosestrife – Purple – Height 100-150cm
Primrose – Yellow – Height 10cm
Common Fleabane – Yellow – Height 25-50cm
Ragged Robin – Pink – Height 75-100cm
Common Mouse’s Ear – White – Height 5-35cm
Knapweed – Purple – Height 50cm
Pendulous Sedge – Yellow/Brown – Height 75-175cm
Ribwort Plantain – Brown & White – Height 10-50cm
Wild Carrot – White – Height 90cm
Yarrow – White – Height 30-100cm
Oxeye Daisy – White – Height 60cm
Self Heal – Purple – Height 20cm
Meadow Buttercup – Yellow – Height 30-90cm.

sowing rate: 4g per m2

Recommended sowing times: March-May, August-October

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